Kushal's scarlet temple

Limitless Sky describes the very first years of the apprenticeship I undertook with a jhankri in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. 

Local myth attributes the jhankris’ origins to the time when the goddess first formed humankind from earth and fire, wind and stone, leaf and water.  However, she then suffered to see our self-inflicted troubles: our jealousy, anger, retaliation, cruelty – our inhumanity.

And so she took a handful of purest snow from the mountain Pundim Chyu, and formed the first jhankri – a word that means both “few and far between”, because they’re very rare, and “one who peeps in and out”, because of their remarkable insights into the true nature of things’ – and gave them to us to oversee our welfare.

Discover the practical wisdom of the jhankri tradition and the ways it taught me  – and no doubt could teach you  – to live and love more fully, fearlessly, joyfully and wisely.

[You can order the book from your local bookseller, or find it here]

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