The Birth of Skanda – Part 2



Kama was famed for his beauty.

His body was slim and muscular.  His black hair curly and adorned with flowers.  His breath a fragrant breeze.  His scent that of an elephant in the full musth of arousal.  Indeed, it is said that all women, men and gods were overwhelmed with passion in his presence.

The instruction given to Kama, therefore, was straightforward: he was to arouse Shiva, stirring the great mountain deity from his meditation.  For surely Shiva would then join with his female self, Parvati, and produce a child capable of saving the universe from Taraka’s destruction.



Kama was busy in the amorous play called kalaakeli with his own female self: Rati, Goddess of Longing, whose emblem is the sugarcane, symbol of Love, Desire, Sensory Delight and Erotic Pleasure.  It is even said that such was the allure of Rati’s silken skin, her lotus-like breasts and her radiant face, the gods would suffer so many involuntary samutsarga emissions on first sight of her that the ground beneath their feet would become drenched in celestial seed.

However, as Kama reluctantly unravelled their enraptured limbs Rati had a sudden, dreadful intuition.  She clung to him, pleading that he ignore the gods’ command, for she felt certain they would never meet again.

But he who is called Ragavranta, the Passion Stem – a pseudonym for the phallus  insisted he could not ignore his dharma, his divine inner nature.

And thus Kama kissed his beloved farewell, mounted his parrot – wisest of all birds, resolver of disputes, symbol of sensuality [1] – and flew off in a fragrant flurry of perfumed feathers – symbols of fruition, of desires fulfilled – to a fate none of them could have begun to imagine …



[Part 3 follows soon]

[1] The Dinalapanika Sukasaptati, or ‘Seventy Discourses of the Parrot’, is a Medieval text in which a wise parrot is entrusted by the king to teach his son the finer details of sexual physiology and the arts of love, including eighty-five coital positions and a classification of both male and female lovers.

Read more in Limitless Sky.

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