Interviews & Articles

To read or listen to interviews and to read published articles, click on media logos:

June 2014 – Radio Interview on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek

February 2012 – Radio Interview with Laura Nickerson on LA Talk Radio (cue at 5:10)
March 2012 – French Canadian Television mini documentary
September 2011 – Radio Interview with Mark Forsythe on BC Almanac, Vancouver

September 2010 – Article: Jhankri Encounter Cures Asthma

July 2010 – Article: ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ – A Remarkable Account of Love, Leprosy and Loss

June 2010 – Radio Review by Line Boily, Montreal

April 2010 – Evoke a Sense of Place
April 2010 – Article: Famous Nurseryman Survives Smallpox in Lichfield
February 2010 – Radio Interview with Wotjek Gwiazda from Masala Radio, Montreal
January 2010 – Article: Renowned Artist and Famous Sculptor Arrested in Lichfield
 November 2009 – Article: Savashubhamkara
 September 2009 – Article: Pursuing the Truth
August 2009 – Radio Interview with Bill Richardson, Vancouver
August 2009 – Local Author’s Book Goes Down in Storm in Canada
June 2009 – Radio Interview with Nikki Bedi
May 2009 – Article: How David’s ancestors influence his writing
February 2009 – Radio Interview with Mike Buxton on Sovereign

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