Reviews: In the Shadow of Crows

1st edition

In the Shadow of Crows


In the Shadows of the Crows teaches us that there’s hope in the horror of daily life. There’s affirmation of good in the ghastly. Life is both better and worse than we ever imagined it to be and Manners is an inspirational, thoughtful, and compassionate writer, softly reminding us all of our common humanity and whispering to us that our life’s purpose should be to take care of one another. No matter our circumstances, we all live our lives in the shadow of death, but it’s the leaning into the light that makes the brief time we spend on earth hold any meaning at all … This amazing book needs another voice.Westmount Examiner, The Monitor, Montreal – Toula Foscolos, bureau chief

Beautifully writtenTelegraph Magazine – Gus Christie, Chairman of Glyndebourne Opera

I learnt so much from this … it shows a great depth of understanding … an amazing book – Nikki Bedi, BBC Asian Network

Wonderful philosophy – Rhod Sharp, BBC Five Live

Two fascinating stories – Wojtek Gwiazda, ‘Masala Canada’, Radio Canada International

David Charles Manners is an inspiring writer and speaker, and I heartily recommend seizing the chance to hear him read, or better still to meet him at one of his book signings. Intelligent and generous, cosmopolitan and compassionate, and an unrepentant polyglot and xenophile, Mr. Manners has led and is leading a big life. Disinclined to squander opportunity, his appetite for experience, as well as his humour and big-heartedness, are palpable on every page of In the Shadow of Crows.  Having spent the better part of a quarter century interviewing people, mostly for CBC Radio, I have been on the fortunate receiving end of many, many personal and remarkable stories, and his is one I will always remember.  Read him.  Meet him. It will be time well spent. – Bill Richardson, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, broadcaster & author

An extraordinary story of courage and transformation – Indigo Books, Toronto

A journey into another world that tells a story which is at once accomplished, intriguing and moving – Gilda O’Neill, author of Sunday Times Best Seller My East End

Highlights with compassion an Indo-British connection that has always been swept out of sight – Chandralekha Mehta, author of ‘Freedom’s Child’

In the Shadow of Crows (À l’Ombre des Corbeaux), l’histoire magique et très humaine de David, Bindra, les disparus et les retrouvés. Une très grande histoire d’amour et de spiritualité – Lyse Lemieux, Radio Canada & Tribunal Canadien des Relations Professionelles Artistes-Producteurs

I was so moved by this extraordinary story, and by the spiritual strength of the rejected people it describes. We have material wealth but are lost: they have nothing and are found – Dame Felicity Lott, CBE

This is storytelling that touches the heart, a much-needed reminder in this time of fragmentation that it is only through our connecting with each other that we can fully realise our humanity – Manjari Mehta, Anthropologist

Very moving and well written … ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ was a book that I found hard to put down.  I learned. – Brian Doyle, Canadian author

A volume to provoke true soul-searching … a must read – Professor Dhirendra Sharma, Editor of ‘Philosophy & Social Action’, Convener of ‘Concerned Scientists & Philosophers’, India

I have just finished your incredible book. I so identified with many of the experiences you write about with such clarity and sensitivity – it is an excellent, excellent portrayal of the dire life leprosy-affected people continue to lead … I am greatly moved by your ability to convey the hope, despair, joy & wisdom that you so vividly write about. – Dr. Margaret Burgess, London School of Tropical Medicine

Une histoire … écrit avec une candeur et honnêteté rare … une histoire très touchante … un livre que j’ai lu avec beaucoup, beaucoup d’intêret. – Line Boily, animatrice, Radio-Canada

I couldn’t put it down: quite amazing & moving & giving one hope – & humility … I shall recommend the book to as many as I can: an account of lives & courage I shall never forget. Thank you. – Dame Felicity Palmer, CBE

In person and in his writing [David Manners] possesses a kind of Edwardian earnestness that reminded me a little of E.M. Forster … The last chapters are a catalogue of squalor and anguish that possess a rare and, perversely, uplifting spirituality. In the Shadow of Crows is a tough read, but it is one of those books that will linger in the mind for a very long time. – David Gee, writer

Two extraordinary life stories collide in India in this remarkable true account. – Cosis, online community for scientists for the exchange of information

It’s brilliant. – Michael Davies, film director

In the Shadow of Crows inspires readers to connect with their spiritual side and discover their inner courage. –


Moving, touching, shocking, real. One of our best reads. – Hudson Book Club, Quebec, Canada

My heart is heaving with emotion from such a great, GREAT story … absolutely heart wrenching, fulfilling … magnificent … Forget Shantaram! This is it. What a book. I hope it is read by many … and has the same effect it has had on me … A joy, a joy to read indeed. – V.G.A., Mumbai, India

The last page came too soon! A wonderful book, beautifully crafted, beautifully paced, full of humour, love and loss. Overflowing with lessons to learn, drawing from two very different cultures. Storytelling at its best. Simple, honest, but utterly riveting! I feel altered for having read it. – A.B.L., USA

Astounding … I have just finished this book after not being able to put it down. It is graphic in its descriptions of the culture and characters within it, and has been written with such honesty that it draws you in to a tale that is funny, shocking, beautiful and terrible. I would compare this with ‘The Kite Runner’ in its ability to depict the Mountains, Plains, Palaces and Slums of India and its people in an original and spellbinding fashion. Brilliant. Please write more! – M.N., U.K.

In the Shadow of Crows is amazing, truly amazing. It is beautifully written and intensely riveting! Usually I’m really quick when reading books and the experience is over before I know it. But this book made me really read and absorb everything, all the important teachings and life lessons really enlightened me.   Thank you, it has been a real eye opener. It is a life changing book! – T.M., Australia

Oh! how I enjoyed your book, a tremendous insight into conditions and life in India. An extraordinary story so beautifully told, the combination of the two tales running side by side, so clever. I felt totally bereft when I finished … Absolutely wonderful. I can’t offer you enough superlatives. Thank you David for an amazing experience. – R.M., UK

I really enjoyed this book. Beautifully written!! – M.H., Quebec, Canada

I finished the book in a couple of days as it was hard to put down. I loved it. – M.J., Oregon, USA

I was enthralled with In the Shadow of Crows from start to finish. – P.W., UK

A heart warming and emotional road to self discovery … Beautifully written, easy to read and difficult to put down … I recommend it as a must read! – S.S., Belgium

A beautiful book. I loved every page. Thank you. – V.D., Sussex, England

A great book. You are shaking me from lazy sleep, waking me up to open my eyes. Your awareness and the connection to the Universe are clear and the challenge to the existing system is admirable and should be supported by all … your book remains with me, in my heart … I offer a great bow before of you to show my gratitude. – M.K., Kerala, India

I was very touched by your book … by the philosophy and the optimism showed through your journeys, to press on in the face of adversity, however easy it would have been to give up. There are lots of lessons to be learnt through your writing. The success of your book cannot be judged on the amount sold or any financial gain, but judged on how it affects those it reaches. So it is already a huge success to me! – J.S., UK

it is moving, it is humbling and as well as being hard to put down it will seriously question your values in life. A wonderful story and so cleverly written with two parallel lives. With the author’s incredibly descriptive text, I felt I was living every moment and could not wait for the next page … Absolutely wonderful and compelling reading … I found this book so moving and so hard to put down. This really is a rare gem. – G.A., France

I was completely captivated … beautifully written. Thank you for this story. The difference you have made gives hope to so many and I hope I can but follow. – C.W., UK

Beautiful writing – I could not put the book down. It’s lyrical and astounding … It shows a reality and a side of India not seen and challenged some of my preconceptions. David’s style is quirky, creative, humorous and so beautiful.– A.C.-Z., UK

I managed to read this book in two days. Once I started it I couldn’t put it down. David has a natural talent for writing and made me feel that I was there, living every page. It is one of the most moving stories I have every read. – F.M., UK

This book is absolutely unique … Couldn’t recommend it more highly. – S.S., UK

Deeply moving, insightful and poignant, this book was so gripping that I could not put it down and I read it in 7 hours non-stop! It can make you laugh one minute and cry the next, an emotional rollercoaster of a book. I can thoroughly recommend it. – C.S., UK

Just brilliant. David’s way of showing us the truth is an inspiration. – A.L., UK

Truly compulsive reading. – B.B., UK

Your book so clearly shows the real India … the book filled me with hope and joy. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. I just thought I would tell you how inspiring the book has been to me. – T.L., UK

Wonderful – just like being there! This must go down as a classic … a must read. – B.S., UK

One of the most beautiful books I have ever read … Intelligent, emotional, inspiring & thought provoking … A book that carries you through the most magnificent scenery, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually! Beautifully written allowing you to experience the contrast in the world today! A must on your book shelf! Absolutely awesome. – E.D., UK

I have just finished reading In the Shadow of Crows and was impressed, saddened, inspired, interested, amused, spellbound … I really enjoyed it very much and was touched by its wisdom and clarity. – S.C., UK

I loved every page of this magical book. – E.C., UK

This book is written from the heart. The descriptions are so intense that you can smell and see the colours vividly in your mind’s eye. The book has the capacity to shock, delight, make you want to cry and then bring you back to laughter. This book is a spiritual journey of life and there is much wisdom that we can all learn from it. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in humanity. It shows us how love and determination can make a difference to the suffering of those less fortunate than ourselves. – P.P., White Rock, Canada

I loved every second of your book. It took me three days!! Such a fantastic read. – J.P., UK

I have read quite a few books about India and many I have put down after a few pages. Your book held me engrossed, morning and evening daily, until I had read it. I found the unique style of words, of Hindi, Nepali and so on, really gave the story a texture and extraordinary feel and sound of India. You really do draw the reader in and spare them nothing; good for you. It succeeds where other writers also try, but sometimes don’t achieve this. For adventure and language, I loved it. I love Bindra; you gave the reader that gift. – M.S., UK

Thank you so much for writing your wonderful book. I found it gripping and touching. – T. P., UK

This book is wonderful … brilliant and fantastic … entertaining, heart-warming, and well written. – R.Q., Orgeon, USA

Everyone should read this new, amazing, life-changing book … READ IT!! – G.B., UK

A masterly first novel where plot and narrative lead one forward through literary prose to a fine conclusion. – P.J., UK

David’s style is both accessible and poetic, and the way he weaves together his story with that of Bindra’s, the mundane and the spiritual, the different cultural expectations, and the past and the present – masterly. Your book made me laugh and cry and I am haunted by the notion of all the ‘Bindras’ and their lives-unrecorded. – J. M., Sussex, England

I have just finished your book … wow!  It blew me away. – J.L., UK

This book is a gift to the world. – A.M., Texas, USA

Your book was quite WONDERFUL. Without a doubt one of the very best I have ever read. It was one of those few which is impossible to put down but upsetting to finish because it means no more of your beautiful story and writing … I am fussy about books; I find very few to captivate and move me, and yet yours is one of those rare sort that can change one forever. You deserve greater attention. I wept throughout. The beauty of your story; Priya; the starkness and lack of sentimentality with which you tell the most horrific of stories. And Bindra’s story. I can’t find the words to express how it affected me…. I have thought about it everyday since finishing …   I just had to write and tell you just how much your book meant to me. The world needs to read it. – A.F., UK

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I enjoyed every page of the book. It was wonderful. – H.M, UK

This is a brilliant book which keeps you interested. Not an easy one to leave alone. – S.D., UK

One of the great books on India – It was completely by chance that I came across this remarkable book … One of the great books on India … from one of the world’s most dedicated men. – J.P., UK

I read this beautifully crafted book once and then found myself reading it again almost immediately. I was enthralled by the journeys taken by David and Bindra in a landscape brought to life by David’s consummate writing. In sharing the life of Bindra with his readers David has brought us a precious gift. Bindra’s dignity, strength and wisdom touched me deeply. We have much to learn from her. The final pages were profoundly moving and almost unbearable to read. A remarkable story of love, loss and redemption. – G.G., UK

I have just finished this amazing book. I was enthralled by both David’s adventure through India but also with Bindra’s journey. One of the most enlightening books I have ever read. – S.S., UK

What a beautiful revelation, I believe the best of 2009. The book is so inspirational. Thank you … for sharing such an interesting and amazing story with the world. The entire planet should read In the Shadow of Crows! – M.D., Vancouver, Canada

I love India, loved reading ‘A fine Balance’ and ‘Shantaram’ – yours was the proverbial icing … thank you for a great read. – L.M., UK

Well I’ve had a copy of your book for months now, but time has not allowed me to delve in until this week. I have become completely absorbed in your world for the last 48 hours, and silently wept joyful tears as I read the last few pages … which will stay with me for a long time. Thank you. – J.C., UK

The philosophy explored in this book is so perfectly couched among humour and beauty. I am amazed that ideas can seem so new and daring, but simultaneously so familiar and comforting that it feels you have always known such things to be true. A beautifully written book. – S.S., UK

I found your story to be powerful and, perhaps strangely, uplifting. – Ms S., UK

I just finished your book. I really loved it, particularly the culmination. The last 50 or so pages were incredibly moving and really well-paced. I was in tears at various times so … it’s fair to say I was profoundly affected … I think your account is incredibly modest and yet I still feel overwhelmed by what you have achieved and how brave you were. It’s a huge cliche but it gives me a lot of perspective and I’m going to try to keep the thoughts the book gave me at the top of my mind.  I also loved the portrayal of Bindra. What an outlook on life. Such wisdom and generosity, even to those who hurt her the deepest. And absolutely no judgements ever. She was quite a hero. – A.P., UK

Your book is so beautifully written, and the way you combined the two stories is brilliant, as is the way you kept the suspense going … I’m very impressed. – M.P., UK

I absolutely LOVE the book! I’ve giggled, cried loads – it’s so, so touching. What an amazing woman Bindra was … Personally, I’ve also found the book really supportive. The reality of the lives that you write about makes me think a lot, and the wisdom of the Tradition throughout has really helped me day to day. Very inspiring indeed! – L.M., UK

I’ve just finished your book and am feeling bereft. Evocative, beautiful and haunting. What dignity, what an absence of self pity and amongst such mistreatment and suffering. I am conscious of sounding like a condescending westerner, but it really highlights our shortcomings. – C.S., UK

I was hooked from the beginning. Each chapter is so masterfully constructed that all you want to do is turn the next page. It is so beautifully and poetically written you are transported to another world, and find yourself enlightened by the journey. – B.D., UK

A must read for 2009! – It is a rare thing to come across a book that evokes a country so vividly. It is full of its sights, smells and people. A country divided by misconceptions and wealth yet bound together by humanity. It weaves seamlessly between a young man’s unconventional upbringing and that of an inspirational Indian woman and her family. Their individual paths and how they eventually cross make for a book that is a pleasure to dive into, and lives long in the memory. Don’t hesitate to order a copy! – F., UK

I was deeply moved by it. – C.H., UK

A most fabulous book … I cherished every word and didn’t want it to end. … it’s a Must. Life changing. What are you waiting for? Get to the shop! – S.C., UK

A splendid book, the reading of which gave me the greatest possible pleasure. You sustained the narrative throughout with a frisson of excitement as I, the reader, travelled with you through the great and ancient land of India but always shot through with compassion for the marginalised and the sufferer. – M.S., UK

Wonderful. – R.W., Hong Kong

In the Shadow of the Crows is possibly the most moving book I’ve read for a long, long time … It’s so humbling and inspiring. – A.L., UK

Having lived in India, I found the story quite incredibly true to life. David has brought to life within the pages, the heat, the smells, and beauty of that amazing country with its variety of cultures. I have now read it twice and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read of life in beautiful India. – P.M., UK

This is such a great story of two totally different lives finding their way to a place of harmony within themselves in the most appalling circumstances. David finding solace in the huge contrasts of Indian life and his family hidden away in the Himalayas and Bindra who loses everything yet has so much to give. So hard to put this book down, so well-written and a joy though I also wept. – P.H., Berkshire, England

Beautifully written! Some of the ‘pictures’ were unbearable to ‘look upon’, but oh, so beautifully written! – G.E., UK

Superb study of adversity, inter-cultural relations, and friendship – A really vibrant, richly-observed and affecting exploration of two very different people, from contrasting cultures and experiences, finding their ways through difficulty and establishing a rewarding connection despite their hardships. The author’s passion for India and its people shine through every page of this sinuously-written and evocative novel. – P., Australia

I’ve recommended it to loads of people! – I.B., UK

A wonderful testimony to the memory of Bindra, an extraordinary woman … Thank you for sharing such intimate and treasured moments and for allowing me to accompany you on your enlightening journey. I already have my rucksack packed for our new adventure. – A.F., Arran, Scotland

Thoroughly enjoyed! – S.M., Vancouver, Canada

I couldn’t put this book down once I had started. It gives amazing insight into humanity and inhumanity in our world and shines a light on what can be. I would urge everyone to read this and find out more about the charity Sarva. As the book says, “Choose well the knowledge you acquire in life, seek out and nurture wisdom.” I hope this book will seek out and nurture compassion in all who read it. – B.L., UK

I enjoyed In the Shadow of Crows – David Charles Manners is an amazing writer – must read – get a copy now!! – D.M., Vancouver, Canada

Beautifully written and wow! What a story! I learnt so much about India and its culture. – J.D., U.K.

I finished your book and loved it!!! Your descriptions of scenery and people made me feel like I was there with you. – A.S., Vancouver, Canada

Talk about articulate and intelligent! I was blown away. – D.V., UK

A beautifully written, moving story – D.L., UK

I was completely captivated by David’s book. I could barely put it down and loved the narrative. I couldn’t bear it to finish – I just want it to go on and on … I loved ‘Crows’ right to the very end and continued to feel as I did all along that I wished it was twice as long – at least! Such a wonderful book! – Dr. A.S., Surrey

Harrowing, yet beautifully written – B.B., Lewes, Sussex, England

One of the best first pages of any book I have ever read! – M.B., Sussex, England

This book made me laugh and cry many times … a beautiful and compelling writing style. What an important story, what an important cause. Thank you for sharing with us. – A.P., UK

I was really moved by this book. – Lady M.C., UK

I was given a copy of your book 2 days ago.  I opened it up and read the dedication page and did not set it down until I finished it this morning.  Tears running down my face and a heart that wants to explode …  I am 40 years old and feel like I have wasted my life to a religion that is not reflective of Christ.  Bindra’s life was far more than Christ-like.  I feel a new beginning … You have no idea the difference reading your book has made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  – J.C., Texas, USA

A book I would urge everyone to make an effort to read … I have written to over 50 people giving more details of the book and encouraging them to check your website and BUY the book at least … not borrow it as some have asked of me. And there were many, many “words of worth” in your book … understand that in the past 3 months I have read 12 books … this is the only one which prompted me to do something after I finished reading it. – J., Israel

Fabulous book by new author! I absolutely LOVE In the Shadow of Crows. Very evocative, very moving and yet extremely real. A real modern classic. This author is one to be watched. – C.T., Lima, Peru

The most amazing book ever, Period. Simply a privilege to read. Astounding for a first book. Reads like pure poetry.In the Shadow of Crows is amazing. By FAR the best book I have read this year. It’s immense. I found out about it by mistake – I usually sleep with the radio on, I woke up like 3am, and the author was talking about it on radio 5 Live, it captivated me, and I ordered it the next day. The fact that it has 14 customer reviews on Amazon, and not a single one is less than the maximum “5 stars” speaks volumes. It really is that good. I would not be surprised at all, if in 10 years time this book is seen as a classic. – L.M., California, USA

This book is brilliant! Everyone should read it! – C.G., UK

READ THIS BOOK! You’ll whizz through it and regret reading so fast. You’ll cry and laugh. You will take stock and learn. You will read it more than once and you will buy it for everyone you know. You will be changed by it. Well, that was my experience anyway. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! – E.B., UK

Yours is a beautiful, important story … I’ve still not been able to leave the forest. I’m still traveling with Bindra and the boys … I don’t why … these are the images that have stayed with me the most … You have stained my eyes and my heart in the most exquisite way. – L.L., Vancouver, Canada

With warm tears streaking down my face, I arrived in Glasgow and could travel no further until I had turned the last page. I am in complete awe of your extraordinary humanity, passion and selfless approach to life. I am astounded … The wisdom you have captured in this book has taken my breath away and reduced me to stillness and silence … I will recommend your book as much as is possible. I feel changed … Thank you. – B.W., UK

This has to become a CULT CLASSIC. Quirky, mystical, funny, harrowing. Full of real wisdom and none of the meaningless cheese we’re usually fed as “higher truth”. This is the real thing. TOP book. TOP read. I learned from it. I LOVED IT. – S.T., Canada []

Finished this book last night … and picked it up to start again this morning. First time I’ve done that in my life. Find it captivating and probably the most poetic English I have ever read … Never been to India but now feel as though I’ve lived it. Amazed by this story. Amazed by this book. – J.M., Quebec, Canada []

I have travelled through much of India and have studied many books about its history and culture, but this is the first to truly compel and move me. I will return with new eyes and a new heart. – S.R., Canada []

Loved it! Loved it! Like others here I wept and laughed out loud when I read this book and it still slips into my dreams. Bindra’s children! It is as though I knew and loved them in real life. I wish everyone could read this book and vow to treat everyone they meet like Bindra did. It would be a revolution! I keep looking at the pictures on the website of the author’s charity ( just to remind myself how lucky I am and the responsibility I have to make a difference in the world. Thank you to the author. You have touched, perhaps even changed, my life. – C.D., Canada []

Unputdownable! This is the most moving, compelling and emotionally charged book I have ever read and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is our current book club read and I know all my friends feel the same about it. It is the complete antithesis of life in the western world and my goodness does it make you stop and think. AMAZING. – H.H., UK

I have read a lot of English novels, but the language of In the Shadow of Crows took me to a new level. The rhythm and colour of the author’s writing make every page pure pleasure. Not only did his beautiful storytelling leave me in tears and in laughter, it educated me and even shook me deeply. I closed the last page with a new hope for a humanity when there are people of such courage and compassion in the world. Never again can I complain about my life, for I have learned a great lesson. To Bindra and David, I thank you. – M.D., Canada []

Strange and magical, very compelling. – Mrs. R., UK

Beautiful, Intelligent and Inspirational … Just finished reading the book for the second time and found it even more provocative and powerful … It leaves me questioning everything I take for granted and that I assume to know about the world and myself! A beautiful, intelligent, inspirational book that I highly recommend to all thinking, feeling readers. – R.D., Vancouver, Canada []

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! … Bought the book and was blown away! Wish I could sit with him now and talk for hours. What an incredible story! What an extraordinary life! This is a beautiful book filled with beautiful people. Can’t get it out of my head. So that’s all my birthday and Xmas presents sorted for the year! Only disappointment is that there are no more books by David Charles Manners. Just want to read more and more of this man’s words and thoughts! – J.P., Canada []

Read this book! My review is easy: LIFE-CHANGING! – S.J., Canada []

I read this book in three days. I couldn’t put it down. I’m now bereft to be without its elegant language, vivid characters and sheer humanity. The author’s insights into love and loss held particular resonance for me. It’s as though I’ve been waiting to read these words all my life. I emphatically recommend In the Shadow of Crows. – J.B., Canada []

A brilliant book. – M.T., UK

My new passion! : I had to sign up to this site just to say something about this book as I was born in India in a place it describes with surprising accuracy. The author’s use of language is exquisite, like a homage to the poet Tagore. His insights into Hindu tradition amaze me as I am a Hindu and have learned more about aspects of my own culture from these pages than any official literature. At a human level, the stories that he tells left me laughing and weeping. How many Bindras there must be in the world? This book is a lesson to us all to notice our fellow man and woman, to take responsibility and make a difference. This is what I take away from these pages. Such beautiful people in a beautiful book that has changed the way I look at my own life. I read all the time, but this is the first time I have felt the need to share my thoughts. Yes, In the Shadow of Crows is now my passion! – J.S., Canada []

Fabulous read … Incredibly moving book, that kept me gripped right from the first page consistently throughout. Evocative and moving. A really great read. I was also impressed as how the editors give a part of the proceeds to charity! Impressive! Cheers to Reportage Press! – E.E., UK

A modern classic : I love India and I love this book. A must for anyone with any interest in the Subcontinent, its cultures and peoples. I have already read In the Shadow of Crows twice and found both times equally educational, moving (to tears!) and inspiring. What a story! And what a writer! I want a shelf of books by this man! – J.R., Canada []

Pure Poetry : Stunned by this unexpected story of love, loss and the potential for the transformative humanity in us all. The writing is pure poetry, yet took me to such extremes of emotion as I have never before found in a book. Its characters, incredibly vivid images and profound philosophy seeped into my dreams and stay with me even now. This is a book that has left me changed – perhaps even enlightened. Read it. – M.S., Canada []

I was completely bowled over by it … I am telling everyone about it and everyone getting it as a present this year!! – T.C., UK

A moving, difficult and enlightening read. – S.R., UK

Possibly one of the finest books to have come along the pipeline in the last few years. – D., UK

A very moving book based on real experiences easy to read despite dealing with the most traumatic and shocking events. Very moving. And some of the profits go to charity a very worthwhile cause and for that I recommend you all buy this book. It is very humbling and makes you realise how lucky you are. – D. []

Truly moving and well written book. Loved it. – J.V., UK

An amazing book and a must read – Five stars. A very moving & beautifully written book. David Manners writes with humour, humility & amazing descriptive power. It is a lesson to all us materialistic westerners about what is truly important & the absolute truth that where there is wickedness & horror there you will find goodness & inspiration. It also confirms that India’s greatest asset is her people. I too couldn’t put it down & thoroughly enjoyed it. – G. M., UK

An entrancing read : I didn’t know I was looking for this book until I found it and yet it’s as though I’ve been waiting for it for years. Somehow it’s changed all the colors. – J.T., Canada []

I found myself moved almost to tears on several occasions, the hard lump of emotion in the base of my throat held in only by my desire not to have to explain things to anyone just now … for this was a very personal journey. What a wonderful book! … Frustration. That’s what I feel just this second. And incompetence at being totally unable to come anywhere close to expressing the gratefulness, awe and admiration I feel … So for now, just a simple THANK YOU will have to do. – P.G., Sweden

What a wonderful book!!!!! I just loved it. – K.D., Australia

Why isn’t this book on all the best seller lists? Forget ‘Shantaram’, ‘White Tiger’ or ‘Q&A’ – In the Shadow of Crows is it! Loved it enough to read it twice. Even better the second time. In fact whole new experience. Intense, yet humane. Provocative, yet poetic. Makes me want to make a change both to myself and the world. How come everyone isn’t reading and talking about this book? Seriously! – J.D., Canada []

Really impressed with your book. I couldn’t put it down. It is very inspirational, it makes you sit back and assess your own life … awesome writing. – A.Q., UK

A Work of Poetry! : The writing in this book is so eloquent that compared to so much modern literature it seems eccentric. But how wonderfully so! The stories it recounts are magical, their telling deeply moving and bewitching. Like the previous reviewer I have to wonder why this book is not yet more widely recognized? With its style, scope and important subject matter, it would be a god-send for school curricula. In the Shadow of Crows is a work of poetry and a gift for the thinking, feeling reader! – T.F., Canada []

A really moving and inspiring story of loss and courage, isolation and friendship, and the power of hope. I strongly commend it. – P.M., Sydney, Australia

More Please! : I seriously LOVED this book. Magical, mystical, moving. I could not put it down and felt bereft when the last page came. I just want more, more, more! – M.D., Canada []

A brilliant book! – M.T., UK

I read your wonderful novel … and thought it very fine. I love how you interweave the two life stories and your great sensitivity and insights, as well as your courage and optimism … I look forward to reading more books of yours in the future. – G.Y., UK

I lost sleep over this book, partly from the dreams it gave me and partly from not being able to put the light out until I read the last page. Even read the info at the back because I didn’t want it to end. Never read a book about East Indian life before but loved the cover and was intrigued by the title. But then what was inside just blew me away. Good to find on this site that I’m not the only one. Does this stuff really still happen out there? It’s left me full of questions, mostly about myself. Now that’s got to be the mark of a good book! – S.G., Canada []

This book was an excellent read … Read the book and if you are as moved as I was, you may consider supporting their work. – D.W., New York, USA

Highly Recommended : This book was chosen by my bookclub and I thought it would not be for me. However I was drawn in by the language, the intense imagery and another world I had not expected to discover. I found it fascinating, surprising and moving. This is a well written book, certainly one of the most memorable I have picked up in quite some years, and although I have not done such a thing before I feel it is important to promote it in this way. – P.T., Canada []

Very moving. – M.D., Quebec, Canada

More more more! : Never signed up anywhere to write a review before but had to for this one because it’s a book I reckon we’d all do well to read. I’m certainly thankful I did. In the Shadow of Crows tells the story of two people from two ends of the Earth whose lives end up meeting, but the journey they take to reach each other is so full of love and loss in equal measure that it’s all about the gaining of wisdom. Well I think I gained some just by reading it. Can’t deny some pages were tough going but that’s because they are honest and raw and show the reality of what goes on out there, or perhaps even under our noses, without us noticing or caring enough to intervene. Well this is the story of a man who did. Certainly got me thinking over things I’d never stopped to ask myself about. Don’t mind saying it really touched me. I loved it and want very much more. – N.S., Canada []

I can’t put it down. The compelling story makes me laugh, cry, sigh and marvel at how India works at all, which it does, sometimes, slowly, sort of, persuaded and assisted from within and without by the committed … like you … Thank you for writing it. – T.B., Washington, USA

Remarkable Man Remarkable Book : This wasn’t the book I went to buy but I was captivated by the author’s quiet strength and his nobility. He spoke simply and naturally but with a passion that almost moved me to tears in the shop. I began reading straight away in Starbucks and carried on reading for 4 days. I’ve never before thought about the things I’m now thinking. I’m left wanting to do something completely different, to engage with life in a whole new way. Thank you David. Thank you Bindra. – A.D., Ontario, Canada

Utterly fascinating … A ‘painterly’ book that simply must become a film. – M.D., UK

Impressive book by an impressive man : What is it about this read that inspires first timers to sign up here [Chapters/Indigo]? Now I’m another. Not the sort I’d normally think to go for, but it was recommended by a girlfriend and blew me away. Got to the point when I was slipping out of the office just to read more. How crazy’s that? 28 five star reviews says it all. And here’s another. This story should go global. – J.D., Canada

Just finished reading your astonishing and extraordinary book – I am totally in awe of the amazing work you are doing. – J. R-B, UK

Buy it, Read it, Share it! : I look for something new and different when choosing a book, avoiding the high-promotion stacks that the publishers have paid to have on the front tables. It was the cover of ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ that first intrigued me and then its title and then the life of the author as summarized in the front cover. Once I started reading, I could not stop. The language is beautiful and captivating and I love it. The story is gripping, shocking and yet enlightening. The wisdom contained in these pages is beyond any of the usual rainbow colored mush we are usually fed. I can honestly say it has left me changed, at least in my thinking. So then we come to Bindra, whose journey in search of safety, kindness and understanding we follow. I yearned and hoped for this woman. I even wept for her. Surely she should be hailed as one of the great women in history, one the great teachers and examples. Surely our daughters should know of her life and wisdom. Why then is this book and its story unknown? Where is the media? I strongly encourage everyone to read and share this beautiful and extraordinary book. – A.T., Canada []

Found myself having vivid dreams about India. It’s a beautiful book. – A.L., Sussex, England

Fascinating and moving. – B.P., UK

I had to write to say how much I enjoyed the book …  It was beautifully written and very moving and inspiring. – Dr. N.V., UK

An unexpected treasure. This was a surprising find, a book that has held me gripped both by its unusual poetic style, its intelligently constructed story and the profound insights of the philosophy that weaves throughout its pages. To know these people are (or were) real leaves me breathless. A definite must-read. – L.G., Canada []

Thank you so much for the privilege of reading your book ‘In The Shadow of Crows ‘. I couldn’t put it down …Thank you for writing such a wonderful moving book. – J.D., UK

Your story is so powerful and we want to see you getting it out there in the world.– L.P., Florida, USA

[‘In the Shadow of Crows’] is like an oasis – so beautifully descriptive and evoking the sights, smells, emotions and experiences of India in a very real and expressive way – highlighting the horrors of mankind’s cruelty as well as the immense joy and faint glimmers of hope in human kindness. I hope you will write another book some time in the future – you have a real gift and your biographical writing is clearly very close to your heart, which makes it even more special. – J.F-V., UK

I was deeply moved by [‘In the Shadow of Crows’] and your journey. – R.F., California, USA

Thank you for writing your astonishing book describing your search for, and discovery of, yourself and of the air you breathe. The power of your passion, your vulnerability and sensitivity, and your love and awareness shine through every page .,. Your imaginative reconstruction of Bindra’s life is compelling and moving. It is not possible to write down my feelings on finishing reading. The book … has taken me two days to finish. It now needs to be thought about. But thank you again for writing it. – G.H., UK

I have just read ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ and I have never been so moved by a book in my life. I shall recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thank you … When I mentioned how the book continues to have an impact upon my life, it stems from the valuable lessons that, I feel, the book teaches. I have to say not a day goes by when I don’t think about some aspect of the story and apply it to my own life. For example, if I encounter road rage … it would normally make me really cross but now I relate to Bindra and how she would not think badly of these people, they just don’t know any better. Also, it has made me question my beliefs … as I was so captivated by Bindra’s faith.  In some ways I can’t actually explain the impact your book has had on me as I can’t quite understand it myself. Just to know the amount of immense pain and suffering that Bindra went through makes me feel incredibly humble and in awe of her. – N.H., UK

Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with a wider readership. I was totally involved and, having been to India, you transported me back there – with all its sights and smells, colour, bureaucracy, poverty and warmth. – L.P., UK

‘In the Shadow of Crows’ is a terrific book … It should be a best-seller & a film. – L.H., UK

I couldn’t put the book down!! Kept reading until 4 a.m. and had to force myself to sleep. Finished it this afternoon. I’m sort of speechless … India never attracted me because of all the poverty, injustice, etc. Whilst I have friends who’ve been there to do yoga, etc, I’ve always seen India as a cheap fashionable destiny for many Americans and Europeans to spend their holidays. I see many people who do yoga but then don’t apply it to daily life. It’s like preaching but not doing. I love how your story tells the story of Bindra, and how wisdom is not something you find in a preacher, a god, a self called illuminated man, but in the most common humble person, in someone you would never spot in a crowd. – E.N., Madrid, Spain

A wonderful and inspiring book. I was so moved by it … I thought the writing was beautiful and am telling as many people as possible to read it. – J.N., UK

My praise could not be stronger! I am a reader and consider ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ to be without doubt one of the most incredible books I have ever read … If you notice an increase in US sales, it is solely down to my recommendation! – Mrs.C, USA

It was very hard to put your book down … thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘In the Shadow of Crows’. – D.P., Vancouver, Canada

Breathtaking insight into another world – This is a beautifully written book, I couldn’t put it down and it even followed me into my dreams. What contrasts, utter abundance and unspeakable suffering, this book makes you laugh and cry all at the same time. – U.P., UK

A fascinating insight to Indian life and culture through the eyes of an old colonial family. – B., Wales

I read ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ at times, then come back to it. It is written so that one can enjoy it and lose one’s self in it. Wonderful. – O.B., Staffordshire, England

In the Shadow of Crows was selected by my book club last year, and what a read! The descriptions are so real and the spirituality so, well, spiritual, that I felt I was there with both David and Bindra as they made their individual journeys across the Indian subcontinent. Knowing nothing about India before I read this book and believing that Leprosy was a thing of the past, I certainly learned a lot. – D.S., UK

An amazing journey. I really enjoyed the two intertwining stories told. ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ is a heart warming and emotional road to self discovery … It was beautifully written and I couldn’t put the book down … I recommend it as a must read! – S.S., Brussels, Belgium

This book takes you on the most amazing mental, emotional and spiritual journey into the contrast of our culture and another. It is the most beautifully written story I have read. I wanted to indulge in the pace of reading it, but found myself unable to put it down. – E.D., UK

Some books just need to be written, they don’t skirt around the edges searching for purpose, they don’t have page after page of unedited drivel. Some books appear to have poured out of the author, not self conscious, not contrived. This is one of those books. The story unravels perfectly, the honesty of the voice is beautiful. READ IT. – L.F., London , England

I know Bindra had, as do you, a beautiful and purposeful spirit with the intention of uplifting mankind. – L.P., Florida, USA

A captivating story …  My heart is full. – L.O., Utah, USA

What an amazing book! I was unable to put it down and ended up reading it twice in a row. I was impressed by the quality of writing. David Charles Manners succeeds in making the reader travel to India and gives a very accurate portrait of the sad reality leprosy sufferers go through. ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ is poignant, eye opening, inspirational and a must read! – M.D., Vancouver, Canada

I am an avid reader and this is truthfully the best book I have ever had the pleasure, and honour, of reading. This story of immense kindness and wisdom set amidst unbearable pain and suffering is profound, awe inspiring and will leave its mark on anyone who reads it. Simply amazing. – H.H., UK

Inspiring and moving. – L.D., Ottawa, Canada

I couldn’t put it down. What an extraordinary story, told so so extraordinarily beautifully … it is such a heart-breaking, leveling, devastating and inspiring story. – P.R., Adelaide, South Australia

An amazing book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I shamefully admit that every event that you have narrated is so true of our country. I admire your courage and determination to fight all odds. Great book and heart touching story. Congratulations. – S.M., Bengal, India.

Just finished your book last night and simply wished to say that it astonished, enlightened and inspired me … It was a story/a memoir for our times and the illustration of selflessness and charity. Without strings. I shall write more soon. – C.R., Los Angeles, USA

The book ‘In the Shadow of Crows’ is amazing. It has shown me so much. I borrowed it from my local library when I was looking for a good ‘read’. Well I got more than I bargained for. I learned rage, bitter anger and horror, and gained patience and knowledge and the beauty and strength of the human spirit, more than I ever expected from a book. – E.E., Australia

An interesting book but mostly a very powerful story, superbly told, which will remain with you long after you finish reading. – G., UK

I read your book on holiday which I loved … I found your book completely engaging and a joy to read. – R.H., UK

I have read your book In the Shadow of Crows which I found very powerful and incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing such an amazing story in such detail. I found it easy to read from the outset but as it went on, it affected me more and more. I finished it several days ago but I can’t really put into words how deeply it has moved me. – G.N., Surrey, England

I have read In The Shadow Of Crows, it was quite unputdownable … the book was an amazing read & very touching … if you read it, you will never forget it!!! – V.L., Hampshire, England

A must read book. I’d been wanting to read this book for a while and was not disappointed. Two amazing stories intertwined. It is one of those books you just have to keep reading. It makes you realise how much we take for granted in the west. – R.J., UK

In The Shadow of Crows – read it straight through, and loved it! It sounded so familiar! I never read the back of a book first so it wasn’t until the end that I realized that it was truly “your story”. I found your writing very compelling and fell in love with Bindra and her sons, as well as many of the other characters in it. The struggles of the people and country were at times heart wrenching. Looking forward to your next publication! – S.S. Ohio, USA

A well-written and cleverly constructed book, that makes for interesting and thought provoking reading. – S.W., UK

An insightful and memorable read – Book Discussion Scheme, New Zealand

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

This is a beautifully written, deeply moving and totally engaging journey into another world.

It is an insightful and inspiring read. Excellent. There are many beautiful and memorable passages in the story.

Bindra’s story of progressive degradation at the hands of the disease and her fellow man is very emotional and yet she retains her humanity.

The story was interesting and intriguing and well told.

I was chuckling often about the language used, and genuinely touched by the characters of the people David met.

Anyone who has been to India will appreciate this book very much. Very evocative. Couldn’t put it down once I’d started! – P.P-J., UK.

Everyone who has asked me for a book I would recommend … it is this one – N.S., UK

A beautiful and memorable story. The story, beautifully woven from the characters’ very different lives, captivates and lingers long in the memory – it’s almost 4 years since I first read it and I still think about it often. Having trudged through a few other books on India recommended by my bookclub, finally this one really made my heart and soul soar. I would love to read another story written by this author. Please! – A.R., London, England

A touching and inspiring story, and beautifully written. I was moved to read such a detailed account of another persons suffering, yet their ability to remain so strong and positive. – J.S., Sussex, UK

Gripping narrative, unforgettable characters, magical story – I came by this book through a friend, and once I started reading, it became one if those cases of total immersion. I simply could not put it down. Really a unique, gripping, heart-opening story, told through two sets of very different eyes, and yet … well, you’ll have to read it for yourself to discover all the jewels this book has to reveal. I really was surprised and enthralled over and over. Consider me your friend, and consider this your recommendation … do check it out! You will thank me. – P.G. Malmo, Sweden

An amazing book to read! David is an author to be watched! His style provokes the reader to think and feel as well as leading you through the lives of very real and interesting characters. I could not put it down once i began. It’s a book I will not forget and will re read again and again! I can’t wait for his next book!!!! – S.S. California, USA

Life changing. – S., UK (Goodreads)

I have read and reread this book. It is brilliant and makes me want to go back to India, my favourite country. Please write another book soon. – L.M., UK

Amazing Book. – T.J., UK (Goodreads)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Very heartwarming and touching story that encouraged me to look inside myself and evaluate my personal belief system. I could not put the book down as I was constantly turning the next page; completely engulfed in the 2 stories; longing for more! – J.C., Texas, USA

Four months on … and still thinking about this page turning novel that drives you through the country, culture, beliefs and beauty that is India. Two contrasting lives that intertwine leaving the reader humbled by their experiences. – N.H., UK

An inspiring, moving and well written book I would recommend strongly, whether you are going to India or not. – F.D.H., UK

A really powerful story, bravely and honestly told. – G., UK (Goodreads)

I borrowed this book from a friend recently and all I can say is that I had never been so touched and moved by a book before. I’m giving it to all my close friends as a birthday present. Can anyone please tell me where can I find more books by this author? – M.N., Tenerife, Spain

An amazing story, thoroughly recommended. I was fascinated by the writer’s ability to weave a strong and emotional human narrative with the colours and textures of India. Expect to be enthralled. – I.B., UK

This is an utterly captivating book, which took me on two incredible journeys, allowing me to travel through India alongside Bindra and David. It is a compelling story of the bitter-sweet people and places they encounter, their bravery in the face of adversity and the grace with which they do so. The joy of any story, which allows us to entwine with the characters’ lives, is the ability to escape, laugh, cry and perhaps learn a little from the path they’ve walked. David’s beautiful prose gently offers insight and wisdom into new ways of seeing and being; of humanity and what it means to be human. – H.S., UK

I have read this book a few years ago and I knew at the time I was reading a masterpiece. What makes a book special is when you can still have feels of this read later on. There are still some drops of its generosity, melancholia, joy and adventure in my veins. I am not sure I will ever go to India, but this book will be India forever to me. David Charles Manners is a great writer and I highly recommend everybody who happens to read the reviews to sink into it immediately. Bravo! – C.V., Paris, France

A book everyone should read before they die – Bearing in mind that this is in fact an autobiography, it is so beautifully and sensitively written that it reads like the sort of novel you can’t put down. I have it in both paper and electronic versions. And it will dispel a lot of myths en route. Definitely should be read! – A.K.T., UK

Having listened to the author talk about the charity that this book supports a few years ago I read the book and it touched me deeply. I have just re read it and it blew me away again. Incredible story telling, all the more touching because it is true. I found it humbling, shocking, beautifully written: full of wisdom and blessings. It truly touched my soul deeply. This is a book you will never forget reading. And by buying the book you are supporting a fantastic, authentic charity who actually asks those it helps what they feel they need: not what us westerners think they need. Loved it. Thank David Charles Manners. It has been an honour to “know” you and beautiful Bindra through the pages of your book. – M.B., UK

Masterfully written prose with a gripping story leading the reader through the labyrinth of an amazing cultural immersion. How soon will this new, talented author showcase his second book? – L.O., Utah, USA

I absolutely love your style of writing … – J.S., UK

I’m really looking forwarding to reading your new book. I loved In ‘The Shadow of Crows’. Thank you. – M.O., UK

I ordered your first book and couldn’t put it down. Yesterday I read the last few pages, opened my door and on the roof opposite was a row of crows which have never been there before. The whole experience was profoundly moving and I would like to offer my help in any way I can. Please let me know what I can do. – L.G., UK

‘In the Shadow of Crows’ was easy to read, interesting, exciting, educational, heart-warming and shocking in equal measures and I would recommend it to everyone. – G.N., UK

The opening lines of Chapter 1, “I was not a nervous child” to “Peshawar & Rawalpindi”, [are] some of the most delightful I have ever come across … although nothing prepared me for what was to come in the rest of the narrative.  Horrific but quite unputdownable … I found the part where you actually dress leprous wounds completely overwhelming. – J.S., UK

Brilliant read. I borrowed this book from the library several years ago and really enjoyed it. I don’t usually read a book twice but looking forward to re-reading this one. – J.F., UK

What an amazing story, so beautifully told. I was so keen for you and Bindra’s paths to cross and at the end I cried and cried for the life of loss she had suffered, not just because I was sad but because she was so accepting and so compassionate and at peace with her life … absolutely moving … really lovely. And now I’ve found you on here I’ve found your page on Limitless Sky which I will DEFINITELY be buying. – D.H., UK

Astonished by this book, which tossed me between laughter and tears. I have read much on India, but nothing quite like this. One of those rare reads that has left me indefinably changed. Could not recommend this more highly. A book that is both beautiful and important. – T.F., UK (Goodreads)

A truly amazing and awe inspiring book … I feel compelled to write to you to tell you this but humbled by your story and your journey … my yoga teacher recommends your book to all her students … I now recommend your book and will buy it for friends as presents as I found it so inspirational – I hope they find it as majestic and moving as I did. I can’t wait to read your new book. –K.C., UK

Awe inspiring profoundly moving and humbling – One of the best books I have ever read this is truly a must read. This book is amazing, touching deeply sad at times and majestic at others. I cannot recommend it enough and cannot wait to read David’s new book. – ‘Amazon Customer’, UK

Wonderful and captivating a must read – I was recommended this book by a good friend and cannot begin to describe what a wonderful and captivating book this is. You are taken on a journey of immense joy and hardship and left with the feelings and aftermath of this book long after you have finished it. Words cannot do this book justice however I would recommend it to anyone. – A.P., USA

I began reading ‘In The Shadow of Crows’ and could not put it down. It was an engaging and powerful story. The young mother faced unbelievable struggles and trials and remained positive and loving. The descriptions of India were enlightening. It was a country I felt sure I never wished to visit, and at the same time would love to see. There were a number of characters in the story you could not help but love. The people of India came through as strong and loving people with many obstacles, poverty and disease being a huge challenge. David told his story with honesty and flair. The time he spent in this camp for leprosy was so impressive. It was heart wrenching to see how human beings could be made to suffer so horribly and without basic dignity. I was amazed to discover it was based on a true story of the author’s time in India, and he and his partner’s determination to help them. It was a lesson in love, strength, and giving of ones self. I wholeheartedly recommend it! – S., USA

Words of pure truth – W.W., France

Once or twice in a lifetime a book comes along that re-shapes the reader’s soul a little. In the Shadow of Crows by David Charles Manners was one. – A.G., UK

I finished reading last weekend, and I think quite possibly it has changed my life … something powerful happened at the end, which opened my heart so gently, but with great strength also. This has helped me to think and speak from a different place and consequently make some very different decisions about how and where to live. Bindra has taught me so much & I really feel as if she is alive in my heart now – extraordinary! So really, thank you … – J.B., Sussex, UK

In the Shadow of Crows is one of the very best books I shall ever read. David weaves genuine expressions of compassion and the bliss and pain of life and dying into an extraordinary well written account of his experiences in India. I was sad to finish this book but am delighted that he now has a new book available …. Limitless Sky. – J.G., Toronto, Canada

What can I say to make you read this book? Its slow-burning gems increase with subsequent readings. There is so much here which is different and initially incomprehensible to western minds – well mine at least – that it takes a while to get the full extent of what this book recounts or could be about. The world and experiences are described so beautifully by Manners. He is able to communicate to the reader that the interconnections between dreams, spirit, history, ancestors and knowledge are accessible at some deep unknowing level within us all. His brave and emotionally testing journey can be challenging to read. I cried several times at the non-judgemental descriptions of loss, illness, caring, exploitation, love and beauty. The world and time are far bigger spaces than we think and we have such a short time to even scratch the surface. This book really makes you think. – M.W., UK

This book has touched me more deeply than any other. David is a talented writer who’s detailed and truthful descriptions of his and Bindra’s journey’s makes you feel like you are walking alongside them. This book provides an invaluable re-connection to ancient eastern wisdom of universal consciousness and energy that is much needed in the west to support the healing of a ‘sick’ society that has lost it’s way spiritually. It is beautiful, sad and inspiring all at once and reminds us that through accepting both joy and pain as the truth of life, we are given an opportunity to find within ourselves the universal wisdom that is our birthright and use it as a guide on our own life journey. – A.B., UK

I also want to thank you deeply for … ‘In the Shadow of Crows’. I finished reading Bindra’s story last weekend, and I think, quite possibly it has changed my life … something powerful happened at the end, which opened my heart so gently, but with great strength also. This has helped me to think and speak from a different place and consequently make some very different decisions about how and where to live. Bindra has taught me so much & I really feel as if she is alive in my heart now – extraordinary! – J., UK

Inspirational and potentially life-changing – I found both ‘Limitless Sky’ and ‘In The Shadow Of Crows’ utterly enthralling – moving, inspirational, uplifting and hugely enjoyable. The author writes beautifully and his honesty, humanity, wit and hard-won wisdom allow the reader to confront and ‘live through’ some painful and heart-breaking situations and realities, and to learn a huge amount about the Indian subcontinent, about leprosy, and about the Tradition; a gentle, practical philosophy that encourages us to engage fully in life in order to realise the essential truth of our interconnectedness. I recommend both books wholeheartedly. – J.S. UK

I began reading In The Shadow of Crows … found myself rushing home from work so I could start reading again, skipping meditation so I could immerse myself in the two journeys, so foreign to me and yet, for want of a better description, on a spiritual level somehow so familiar. A chord struck with such nascent resonance to be totally engrossing. I have laughed, gasped and sat watery-eyed as the tale has unfolded. The gentle words Bindra speaks to her sons express, to me, the attraction, the beauty of The Tradition. ”The truth in us is the truth of the universe” … Anyway, I just wanted to … express my gratitude for your words and wisdom. – S.C., UK

Delicious book. I loved it, and have told many of my friends to read it … I was immediately taken by Bindra, her family and her faith. I cried and cried at each of her traumas, but came away each time feeling a little ashamed and determined to be a better person with my own spoilt life. The love with which you write about India and all her levels was similar to my brief passion with her. – K.S., UK

I wish to communicate my appreciation for your book “In the Shadow of Crows” which I have just finished … I lived in Bangalore from 1988 to 1992 before India became more “open”. I was deeply moved by the insightful writings as it filled many gaps in my knowledge and understanding of India for me … So thank you for your writing. – S.W., UK

I am word-less and deeply moved.  Thank you for sharing your vital experiences, your knowledge and wisdom my tears don’t cease to flow since yesterday when I finished the book … I can assure Bindra and yourself are now amongst my many teachers in life.  Reading your book has given me a better understanding of the true teachings … – R.W., France

Having read Limitless Sky and In the Shadow of the Crows, I would like to … convey to David how thought provoking I found his books and how inspiring I found his recording of The Tradition.  I am very late in life, endeavouring with poor result to follow some of the disciplines.  I have however found them of great assistance and benefit in dealing with a recent series of fears and shocks.  Thank you. – M.H.

‘In the Shadow of Crows’ – the most beautiful, wise, touching book I have ever read … I recommend it to every human being on the planet – J.M., UK

Your books really inspired me … I think too many of us have a slightly too romantised idea of India and I thank you for showing some of its many facets. I have much to learn about humility and compassion. – J.W., UK

Brilliant insight into Indian culture – challenges your beliefs.  I read this after I’d met the author and having read the beginning on-line. The story is a real life journey through India woven between the life of Bindra a leprosy sufferer. The book reveals aspects of Indian culture which are astonishing along with some unpleasant truths about charity work in some parts of the country. The writing is beautiful with descriptions of India which make you almost think you are there and can smell the spices (and other not so pleasant aromas). I have also read Victoria Hislop’s The Island, but David’s book feels much more real as it is not historical or tangled with a romance. – B.L., UK

This is one of the most beautiful, powerful and inspiring books I have ever read. Once you read it, your view of life will be expanded and deepened. You will then want to share both the book and your compassion with others. – J.E.M., UK

Five stars. Loved this book. Very memorable, very moving – un-put-downable. A good lesson learned!! – D. [Amazon], UK

I absolutely loved your book In the Shadow of Crows. It was so meaningful to me and thank you so much for sharing your experiences in life. – V.A., Canada

Enriching and heart warming. The destructiveness of India is spot on. It will make you weep. The strength of the human spirit is immense. – C.K., UK

I have just finished reading your wonderful, wonderful book and am very keen to learn all I can about Sarva. I visited India earlier this year and was entranced. Reading your book has strengthened and deepened my respect and affection for her people and I am keen for this to continue. Thank you so much for writing such a powerful book. – C.P., UK

Out of the shadow into the light … If you are a human being you must read this book! The powerful and wise messages contained within its pages are teachings of the very best kind – non-didactic, heartfelt and conveyed with love and true belief through the words and actions of the protagonists. The fact that it is a true story, the legacy of which is a stunning charity set up and run by the author to help the very people about whom he was writing, makes it all the more meaningful and real. Having travelled in India and lost my heart to its beauty and horrors, which are present in equal measure, this book is just what I needed to give me a tangible and ongoing connection with a country and people I fell in love with. I will be supporting David’s charity and recommending this book to everyone I know. – Amazon Customer, UK

An excellent read – Well worth reading, beautifully written really gives you the flavour of India and a very compelling story indeed. – S.M., UK

Brilliant. Read this while travelling around India and found it thought provoking. Love the way it intertwines the different perspectives on this fascinating country. Great descriptions of India. – H., UK

I happened to have come across this book last year by chance and found it to be the best book I read that year. That is saying a lot since I read 81 titles last year. This book is heartbreaking, inspirational, and has a soul. Beautiful, just beautiful. – N.P., UK

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your books. Both were fascinating, intriguing and entertaining, and taught me so much about Indian culture and tradition. – C.V., Canada

Wonderfully informative book with a unique perspective. – L., France

Incredibly moving. Have just finished this book and am still wiping the tears away. A moving story that has affected me and opened my eyes to a group of people I didn’t even know still existed today. Am left with a desire to do something to make a difference. – Amazon customer, UK

I finished the last half of “Crows” in a single afternoon.  I couldn’t put it down.  The exchange of breath at the end was one of the most beautiful things I have read and maybe explains where you have got some of your magical gifts and qualities from. – A.T., UK

I’ve been coming here [ashram in India] for ten years and have learned more from your book than I ever did from here … I am loving it, and passing it on. – A.C., Canada

If you only try one new book this year, try this. If you love India and stories that transport you to foreign lands so you can almost feel the heat and smell the spices then this is the one for you. Two stories, totally separate but intertwined, old India, rich India, very poor India…. Just so beautiful, I didn’t want it to end. – D.H., UK


 [You can buy the book from your local bookseller, or online here]

2 Responses to Reviews: In the Shadow of Crows

  1. Raquel says:

    I am word-less and deeply moved. Thank you for sharing your vital experiences, your knowledge and wisdom. RW, France

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