Reviews: Limitless Sky

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A stunning book, which I found enthralling … a journey so vividly expressed and so seductive that the reader takes it all in easily and hungrily. Above all, I love the bravery, curiosity and honesty that streams from this immense adventure … A really remarkable and compelling book, full of wisdom, humour and beauty. – JOANNA LUMLEY

LIMITLESS SKY is an extraordinary quest … Its author, David Charles Manners, is a man worth watching. One can only marvel at what will flow next from his enchanted pen. – TAHIR SHAH

A thoughtful and strange and often startling account of going deeper than most Westerners do into the Nepalese tradition and philosophy … wonderful descriptions …” – LIBBY PURVES, BBC4

Thank you for the TRULY transformative gift of this book, your story, and every morsel of beautiful knowledge within!  Thank you for what you are passing on into the world – it is love incarnate … your book has become my new favorite gift to give! – JOYCE DI DONATO

An incredibly heartbreaking true story.  Forget Eat, Pray, Love or The Power of Now, this book is the real deal with heart and soul …  David’s story is completely unparalleled and profoundly transformative.  I really felt the author was presenting a brave and honest account of his experience, which made me so invested in the tale. – MALCOLM CLARKE, NZ author

An inspirational, intimate journey that encourages the reader to self-reflect in a remarkable and unexpected way, and thereby to better understand himself … This is a unique and enlightening story of great courage that will echo for a lifetime. – CBC RADIO CANADA

Absorbing, informative and surprising.  I read it over a weekend and felt hugely inspired. – RICHARD JONES, opera director

DCM is a great adventurer and a remarkable writer.” – BILL RICHARDSON, Canadian author & broadcaster

Wholly unique and transformative : Limitless Sky is beyond a book. It is a rich and life-changing collection of knowledge and anecdote that can, if one truly embraces it, utterly transform a limited perspective of life. David has done a great service to humanity in meticulously transcribing the Jhankri’s philosophy and so vividly recounting the wisdom imparted by the various other individuals he encountered on this Indian Iliad.

It is part novel, part encyclopedia and part spiritual text. It is erudite, humorous, sensual and provocative. It is full of insights that generously contribute to an essential discourse about how we might make sense of this ‘living’ that we are all united by and to articulate how we might obliterate the perceived differences that keep us detached from our true natures.

But most of all Limitless Sky is a profound work of art and as Maria Rilke so powerfully stated, “Surely all art is the result of one’s having been in danger, of having gone through an experience all the way to the end, where no one can go any further.”

It seems clear that David embarked on this odyssey of awakening initially for personal reasons but he has ensured that the fruits of his journey are now out in the open for us all to ingest and be nourished by. Perhaps it was with an unwitting sense of what he was to become that he first met this shaman, but in skilfully recounting his travels, he has delivered a powerful gift for us all to vicariously be changed by. A change that begins with words on a page and with digestion and an open heart has the power to ‘enrich the ordinary’ and utterly shift the standpoint of our daily lives.

I closed the book with increased fervor to ruthlessly examine the choices I am making about how to use what time remains of my own life, and that of course will have an effect on all those I come into contact with.

It is wondrous, all this, all you, all me. – Limitless Sky – BEN WRIGHT, Artistic Director


This book is a masterpiece … It’s extraordinary – utterly and totally – told with such simple precision. Your contribution to the strengthening of human consciousness is profound ... This is miraculous work. – B.W., UK

To have the opportunity to read a book that shows such humanity and honesty is a rare privilege.  Life-affirming, inspiring and illuminating, ‘Limitless Sky’ is a complete joy to read, and I will keep it with me always and reach for it at every opportunity. – J.T., UK

Stunning & life changing … If you want to create the best version of you. If you want to appreciate all that you are. If you want to love your life and choices you make. If you want to live your greatest emotional life then this book will allow you to undertake that journey. David has explored and explained in the most beautiful and compelling way a tradition that can only enhance how we are who we are. I dare you to not get lost in the magic of this truly exceptional book. Another masterpiece, thank you David – E.D., UK

The author has managed to describe what could be very difficult concepts in a way that means even people like me can understand them.  Well worth reading if you are looking to improve your life. – A.S., UK

Beautifully written. – J.K., UK

What a wonderful book … I have been completely blown away by it, such extraordinary experiences.  I keep thinking about it. – C.S., UK

I’m enjoying the book immensely, there is so much alien wonder in there, I am fascinated … enchanting, it’s beautiful but strong, vivid and instructive – a blend to be cherished. – T.C., UK

A beautiful book which I find very inspiring – darshan, straight from the Himalayas.  I have been very moved both by your fearless honesty and the state of loving you are able to transmit with your words. – J.M., UK

David lives his truth, offering others ideas for new ways to live and love more fully, joyfully and wisely … a book that must be read. – W.B., UK

Huge congratulations on Limitless Sky – it’s such a brave, inspiring and thought-provoking book. I’ve just started my second reading of it – so much to take in and digest. – J.K., UK

Have just finished Limitless Sky and thoroughly enjoyed it. I even read a couple of chapters twice! It made me want to go back to India … Shaivite traditions are inclusive and celebratory and so wonderful to see how you managed to weave these into a very personal story, and a brave one too laying bare much. It may of course shock a few people too!! – T.C., UK

I have enjoyed your book very much; so much knowledge and experience of a subject which has also interested me so much and so many questions answered through your seeking and learning. I feel very privileged in many ways – thank you! – S.C., UK

Limitless Sky transports the reader into an extraordinary and exotic world. An inspirational, intimate journey that encourages the reader to self-reflect in a remarkable and unexpected way, and thereby to better understand himself. A manual for life that helps all to embrace and live life to it’s fullest. Worth reading more than once. Definitely at the very top of my recommendation list. Already a classic! – M.D., Canada

A wonderful book. I read David Charles Manners’ previous book, ‘In The Shadow of Crows’, a couple of years ago, and was very intrigued by the character Kushal Magar and the Tradition. In ‘Limitless Sky’ I’ve found the answers to all my questions, both in the telling and the very helpful and fascinating glossary. A challenging book. Are you a mere spectator of your life? Or are you living life to its fullest? These are questions that go through your mind once you start reading it. By the end, you realise that the answers are and have always been within yourself, since all you need, you already have. You just need to be aware and use it, in the most subtle, simple and wondrous way. – E.N., Spain

I really recommend this book … It is an enjoyable and insightful read, full of humour and grounded wisdom. – P.M., Australia

I have loved reading such a beautifully written book. It is as inspiring for us to question ourselves and our beliefs as it is [to read] a story of one man’s strength of trust. – A.C., UK

While reading ‘Limitless Sky’ I found myself looking more deeply at my inner strengths, weaknesses, relations, and happiness. The emotions, defeats, and victories expressed by the writer while traveling through this journey, helped me to recognize in my own life what I should be striving and yearning for. In a sense I traveled through these stories along side him and felt a part of his journey. A remarkable book! – J.C., USA

Five stars. Incredible Read! – R.S., UK

The writer has produced a beautifully written account of a journey of discovery; both of an extraordinary culture but also of himself. There is a great deal of wisdom to be learned from this book. Extraordinary and truly memorable. A book to be read and re-read many times. – G., UK

A gift – F.L., UK

Much enjoyed … Your book has made me realise that I am not wrong in my thinking about religion(s) and thank you so much for that. – P.W., UK

I just wanted to thank you for your book Limitless Sky … wow! I have just finished it and can honestly say it is the first book I have EVER just started rereading straight away! I feel like I need read no other ‘spiritual’ book ever again! – A.J., UK

I was captivated by this book from the very first page and was sad when I’d finished it. The author brings every page to life, and you may never view your religion the same again whether it be orthodox or alternative. I will not elaborate on the story, but if you are searching to find yourself and to understand about life then this is the book for you. – A.C., UK

Truly a marvel and, to me something of a prodigy, rendered in fabulous style. Didactic but accessible, told with such lucidity and economy of force … I do not think I’ve ever been exposed to so gracious, kind-hearted a work … It is genuinely edifying.  As for the Tradition itself, I was ill-prepared for its scope and wholesome consistency … The story is captivating, the style admirable. The lucent cogency of the lessons … the candour in biography combine into something powerful, fluid, but never homogeneous. The book is a gift. I hope I can make even a scrap of my reading practicable. – T.C., UK

Having had times during my life when I have needed to question religious dogma and found no satisfactory answer, David Manners enlightens us with Limitless Sky. His experience of being initiated into this practical and humane Tradition leaves the reader wondering why isn’t this philosophy compulsory? A beautifully written book – a must read. – N.H., UK

A beautiful and thoughtful book and thoroughly recommended! – J.R.B., UAE

This book is brilliant. It enabled me to see how a fulfilled life is an achievable goal and that life is a gift we ought not to squander. The ‘knowledge’ is not easy to come by – as Manner’s experiences indicate. The importance of our relationships to others, to work, to the environment and ourselves as thinking, interconnected and sentient beings are explained in a very accessible way. Thank you. – M.W., UK

An extraordinary and inspirational story. Thank you for telling it. – R.H., UK

Beautifully written … I found it fascinating and certainly food for thought … I look forward to the next masterpiece! – P.W., UK

‘Limitless Sky’ is quite unlike anything I’ve read before; that I feel richer for having done so, edified and invigorated, is a testament to the scope of Manners’ achievement.  The tradition of which ‘Sky’ treats and to which the author is initiated is utterly fascinating; an inveterately humanist ethic, cogent, practicable and wholly pertinent.  It is in many ways the most nourishing invitation to understanding I’ve encountered.  A joy compounded by the obvious skill employed in its elucidation. 

Manners’ style is fluent, lucid and irrepressibly appealing.  An admirable blend of wit and lambency together with the linguistic precision of good philosophy, admirable not only on account of the beauty inherent to its euphonic prose, but as something of a balancing act – an equilibrant effort, the execution of which is estimable though never intrusive. To be at once wry and conversational while maintaining the rigour and concision necessary for instruction is no mean feat, especially without succumbing to wild inconsistencies in style. 

In the face of such potential hazards Manners’ strong and congruous prose is laudable.

But the book is not merely didactic and how lucky we are that it’s not. For though a popular study of the tradition would be invaluable it could not, as a work to be savoured, hope to equal what Manners has accomplished here.  For while the curative involutions of Tantra are, for a layman like myself, so deftly disentangled as to instil its lessons with an enticing practicality, no small amount of the book’s charm arises from the person of the author not only in his function as narrator but participant, the proxy whose curiosity satisfies the reader’s own, whose experience gives ‘Sky’ not only its narrative base but an emotional reality beyond the purview of simple reportage. 

This is to say that Manners’ obvious and deserved affection for his teachers and friends serves then to elevate ‘Sky’ to something more than cool inquiry.  While his willingness to give of himself, without recourse to endless introspection, grounds what in less discerning hands might have been a paralysing superfluity of information in an enthralling and consistently evocative biography; the events of which I refrain from enumerating.

It would be vulgar to attempt so necessarily brief a summation of another’s experiences, especially when they exceed in wonder anything within my own canon occurrence.  Suffice to say the narrative heart of ‘Sky’ equals the magnetism with which it is articulated – Manner’s candour and generosity of thought shine of the page. 

I cannot recommend his book enough, it is a polymathic joy. – T.C., UK

Thank you for the TRULY transformative gift of this book, your story, and every morsel of beautiful knowledge within! … Thank you for what you are passing on into the world – it is love incarnate! – J.D., USA

Beautifully written … Challenging, fascinating, thought provoking and brave. – G.G., UK

I rarely write reviews but this book really deserves one … It went straight to my heart with its simple and yet profound ways of looking at life and what our role in this world could be if we apply them.  I loved it … – ‘ESK 79’, UK

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring book “Limitless Sky” which I have so enjoyed reading. J.W., UK 

One of the most extraordinary books I have read in many years … So thought provoking … I cannot recommend it highly enough.  C.S., UK

Limitless Sky [took] me on a journey and revealed a way of living that was profound to me. It left me with a feeling that I could at last make sense of who I am and my place in the world; to love life and everything it has to offer, to feel a unity with my fellow man and this amazing world we inhabit. – S.C., Sussex, UK

Fantastic book. Loved it! Highly recommended to everyone but especially those with an interest in India, Buddhism, Tibet and philosophy. – T., UK

Inspirational and potentially life-changing – I found both ‘Limitless Sky’ and ‘In The Shadow Of Crows’ utterly enthralling – moving, inspirational, uplifting and hugely enjoyable. The author writes beautifully and his honesty, humanity, wit and hard-won wisdom allow the reader to confront and ‘live through’ some painful and heart-breaking situations and realities, and to learn a huge amount about the Indian subcontinent, about leprosy, and about the Tradition; a gentle, practical philosophy that encourages us to engage fully in life in order to realise the essential truth of our interconnectedness. I recommend both books wholeheartedly. – J.S., UK

The biggest thing that sets this book apart from the others in this genre is the narration. The author has a unique narrating style one that makes you feel as if you are a friend and he is sharing his experiences with you in the most casual tone possible. And it is that thing which connects with you in the most profound manner …  Some very deep and profound lessons have been shared by the author here making this book one enthralling read. Recommended for people who enjoy reading these genre, this one is a book you wouldn’t want to miss! – privvytrifles blog, India

I’ve just finished reading Limitless Sky … I loved it from the start to the end and it’s one of the few books that consistently held my attention, in fact, I finished the last half in only 2 days, which is a record for me. I love the detail, atmosphere and feelings that the book brought into my mind. I love the freedom and depth that ‘The Tradition’ contains and wondered why so much truth and information has been doctored and removed from many religions. What a beautiful book, what a gift to read. It will stay with me for a long time. – M.D., UK

Limitless Sky was truly magical … It was a magical, life affirming and altering book … Thank you. – T.F., UK

Your book has touched me in so many ways and levels I’m not sure I can  begin to elaborate … I know that I will return to the lessons that you’ve so bravely and beautifully and with such honesty shared. Thank you so very much. – M.M., India

I finished reading your book, “Limitless Sky” this morning and really felt the need to tell you how much it meant to me … Your journey, understanding and courage is inspiring and has given me hope and a sense of peace about how to approach my life … Your book was a total breath of fresh air … it has been quite cathartic … I wanted to tell you how it has helped me. Thank you. – J.M., UK

Thank you for sharing your journey in Limitless Sky. Your story resonates deeply with me and I am so so full of gratitude for your beautifully written book … Thank you thank you thank you. – H. C.-B., New Zealand

A really big thank you for writing the books you’ve written. Limitless Sky is life changing and probably one of the most important books I’ve ever read and, as I’m sure you do too, I think the world would be a much better place if everybody had to read it at least once! It’s a wonderful achievement to have explained this way of life in the way that you have and a huge comfort to know that you’ve shared this knowledge with the rest of the world. – P.G., UK

I have just finished Limitless Sky. I finished it with great sadness in so much it has enhanced my days for weeks … I read slowly. Yesterday tears fell as I finished the final page. I’m not sure what the tears signified, other than perhaps gratitude for its teachings, and to you for being able to gift this to your readers. It is a remarkable book, so beautifully written with such important content. Thank you, thank you. Never stop writing David. My priest friend … is intending to use Limitless Sky as part of her own teaching. – B.B., UK

Love the book. Life changing and affirming. Just so wonderful! – S.P., Vancouver, Canada

This book is rich, honest, and I believe, important for seekers of wisdom … open your hearts to its message if you have any spiritual inclination at all.  It surely speaks truth.  Read, hear, learn, and inwardly digest.  David Manners is a beautiful writer, filling his story telling with humour and vibrant imagery, which captures your imagination and conveys an inspiring philosophy, simply. I finished the book with tears.  I wasn’t sure why, but perhaps with a sadness at its ending, but maybe also with gratitude for such a gift. – B.B., UK

I cannot endorse this book strongly enough.  One of the most thought provoking and inspirational reads in a long long time. – C.S., UK

‘Limitless Sky’… wow! – J.B., Australia

Five stars. Beautifully written. – L.G., UK

Thank you for writing and publishing “Limitless Sky”. I’ve lived for 71 years and found in your book a wealth of interesting ideas on the meaning of life and all that it entails. I happened upon it while browsing in my favourite bookshop and thought it looked like it was written for me, and it is. I’ve just finished reading it which I will definitely read again after allowing sometime for it to fully permeate.  Thanks again. – J.C., NZ

I was so excited to hear that David has written another book.  In the Shadow of Crows is a true all time masterpiece and I cannot or will not forget how awe inspiring Bindra was as a person. Limitless Sky is so very different on many levels but what an amazing, wonderful, emotionally uplifting and thought provoking journey. To achieve even a fraction of what David has been taught would be huge and to follow David on his journey and through his experiences has been moving and a delight.  A must read and I can’t wait for David’s next masterpiece! – ‘Amazon Customer’

Thank you for ‘Sky’ it is beautiful and wise. There are so many parts of your book I am excited by and deeply appreciated the meditation on death. The Tantric is wonder-full! – Rev. S.L., UK

Limitless Sky is absolutely life-changing. One of the most, or even the most important book I’ve ever read and I think the world would be a much better place if everybody had to read it at least once! It’s a wonderful achievement to so beautifully explain this way of life in the way that David has, and a huge comfort to know that he’s sharing this knowledge with the rest of the world, so that little by little we can try and make a difference. Please take the time to pick this book up, read it, and most importantly give it to (or better buy it for!) someone you care about. – P.G., UK

What an amazing book which has truly inspired me. I read David Charles Manners first book and loved it, but Limitless Sky makes me believe in the endless possibilities of life and mankind. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an excellent informed read and wants to learn more about life and the amazing journey we are all on. – ‘Amazon Customer’

I cannot put “Sky” down. I find myself underlining about 1/2 of every page … The messages are so in alignment with my inner values and beliefs at this point in my life. It gives me comfort to realize that the beliefs I have formulated for myself over all these years of study are indeed “universal” and consistent with the whole of the great consciousness that we are. I must tell you that these are concepts and personal beliefs which I cannot readily share with anyone … Honestly, I feel quite isolated. So reading your book is giving me great comfort and inner peace. – L.O., USA

Having read Limitless Sky and In the Shadow of the Crows, I would like to … convey to David how thought provoking I found his books and how inspiring I found his recording of The Tradition.  I am very late in life, endeavouring with poor result to follow some of the disciplines.  I have however found them of great assistance and benefit in dealing with a recent series of fears and shocks.  Thank you. – M.H., UK

I’m so very much transformed by your book … I guess I just wanted to thank you for writing, and for making your story available … Your story resonated so strongly with the kind of life I aspire to live … I just absolutely loved your book. I devoured each page so hungrily.  I am still processing but I plan to read it again so I can more fully engage, especially with the tradition and history …  Thank you.  Thank you very much! – M.C., NZ

Went to Nepal last September. I read your wonderful, exquisite book in the shadows of the giants. It made the trip even more wonderful. Thank you, I loved it. I will re read it. I couldn’t take it all in as I would wish too. So rich. I am enchanted by Nepal and your book … I learned so much more about the temples and shrines with your book in my hands each evening. – T.F., UK

Beautiful, astute, insightful, very hard to put down … Thank you. – C.J., UK

Received as a gift and IS a true gift to the reader.  A gift of wisdom and understanding which ‘lies beyond any wealth or privilege’.  David generously shares his page-turning experiences and resultant knowledge in an easy-to- apply way; allowing us to either sit with him in that mountain cave, or think about your own.  Read and enjoy your ‘new eyes’. – S.S., UK

I read Limitless Sky. It is so instructive and clear in the sense that many points where I had doubts have cleared up for me. Both books [‘In the Shadow of Crows’] are on my Yoga School reading list and shelf … thank You and Kushal for your teachings. – R.W., Spain

Awesome … Highly recommended it. – J.W., Australia

I loved this book.  I have taught yoga for many years and constantly seek out good books to recommend to my yoga classes for further reading. Whilst most people come to yoga for the physical benefits in the beginning, it soon becomes apparent that there is so much more to it than the physical practices. This book is well written and offers a clear understanding of the yoga sutras of classical yoga. When we deepen our knowledge yoga offers so many more benefits. If you are a serious yoga student I recommend you read this book. – T., UK

I really enjoyed Limitless Sky. Fascinating. He writes so well. – J.M., UK

Five stars. Worth reading. – W.W. (Amazon)

A beautiful and staggeringly courageous book … I didn’t so much read Limitless Sky as collide with it. Whilst I entirely take the point that “once you follow someone else, you cease to follow truth”, the book was for me a stunning and desperately, incredibly gratefully received validation.  I certainly don’t claim to have arrived at all the views and ideas expressed in Limitless Sky before I read it, but it was utterly arresting just how much in the book was so congruent with many things that were already in my mind.  That has given me complete confidence to regard other ideas in the book and use them to great effect to search within myself for ways to continue to heal and to try to live the best life I can into the future.  I can’t help feeling that the deep questions asked when faced squarely with psychological oblivion necessarily iterate towards insights that are priceless truths about all humanity.  I think your wonderful book ever so tenderly, humorously and humanely reveals a great store of such wisdom. David I really, really cannot thank you enough. – S.K., UK

I just finished reading your beautifully written book, Limitless Sky. I really enjoyed it and found it really inspiring, I will try to remember the invaluable teachings you divulge and incorporate them in to my life. I have visited India several times and reading your book took my back there, your descriptions were perfect. – T.P., UK

Brilliant. Read this while travelling around India and found it thought provoking. Love the way it intertwines the different perspectives on this fascinating country. Great descriptions of India. – H., UK

An absolutely fantastic book. It has been years since I have read a book that supported life transformation. I will be reading this again after my lady finishes with it. The truth in Limitless Sky is deeply profound and insightful. I have already recommended to several people. I could continue to ooo and ahhh over this book but will stop here. – M.Z., UK

Sweetest prose and wonderful insights – I’m there with you on every page of the book. Loving Limitless Sky. – C.M., USA

I recently read Limitless Sky and enjoyed that so much I then read In the Shadow of Crows. As well as the fine writing and your clear compassion for and empathy with the people you write about, I was struck by your explanation of the differences between the Vedic and Tantric attitudes to women and to the caste system. – M.R., UK

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your books. Both were fascinating, intriguing and entertaining, and taught me so much about Indian culture and tradition. – C.V., Canada

May I say how much I liked the book Limitless Sky and also how it touched so many chords within me. – W.B., UK

A Gift. This book might just change your life. It stopped me in my tracks and put me back on course again. It is arrestingly honest and real. There is a truth that simply shines out in these pages. Somehow modern western life seems designed to keep us from our real selves and in a perpetual state of wanting and needing, when really we are far wiser and more capable of making ourselves happy than we could imagine. A lot of soul searching and many journeys clearly took place over many years before David Manners came to write this book and here it is, all laid out for us. It simply felt like I was receiving a huge gift as I read it. Some books in life are just important. This is probably one of them. – M.A., UK

Wonderful, empowering book! I am so thankful to have been exposed to this book and have some insight to The Tradition from David Manners’ story. Being able to learn about The Tradition through a westerner’s point of view was helpful. Manners’ ability to express his thoughts and feelings about each teaching creates a way for the reader to easily digest the information while comparing it to what society has taught them just as Manners does. This book is full of life lessons. I recommend it to anyone and everyone! – V.V., USA

A life changing book – This book charters David’s amazing journey in the Himalayas about how he found “The Tradition” or perhaps how “The Tradition” found him. “The Tradition” is a life-affirming path, many centuries old passed down from generation to generation and is a practical blueprint for life that encourages you to live a life without judgement or self-interest, to acquire self-knowledge but above all to fully engage with life and to live it fearlessly and joyously looking after yourself and others.

I try every day to abide by the principals and practice the methods outlined in the book and I can honestly say that my life is so much better for it. Some parts I find difficult to reconcile and sure I have more challenging days but I always have a copy of the book with me, either in paperback or kindle, and I refer to it like a friend.

Amongst the detail of “The Tradition” it’s easy to forget that this is a seriously good adventure story too – so buy it, read it, tell your friends and then read it again! – A.T., UK

I just finished reading your book, and would like to tell how beautiful it is! I hope to be able to understand more of life and universe too! Thank you. – A.J., Nepal

An amazing and faith challenging piece of reading … many thanks to you. Your book, ‘Limitless Sky’ is a truly enriching read indeed. – T.G., South Africa

I read Limitless Sky first. It was a book that we read at our book club. We all found it an enthralling read, so much so that we are reading it again for our August meeting. At times, when you were with Kushal Magar it was like me being with my teacher, quite amazing. I then read In the Shadow of Crows and felt that there was so much wisdom in it … Thank you for helping us broaden our perceptions. – H.B., UK

I have just finished reading Limitless Sky and found it so moving and inspirational. – M.S., UK

“Limitless Sky” has been for me a feast of the spirit, the mind and the senses. I knew by simply looking at the cover that it would be an extraordinary, and illuminating story.

I found myself, after having read the Magic Museum in Calcutta section with Jasper, so delighted and enchanted that I had to put the book down, sit up on my little futon, and gently rock back and forth to embody and circulate the energy that you inspired in my mind and vision. I do not exaggerate the effect that this and other sections of your writing had upon me.

The balance of personal drama, theoretical exposition and vivid, sensual description is perfect. Much more fun than a dry dialogue from an Upanishad or a Plato.

As you say, the book will find its way, or be sought out by those who may best benefit from it, like me. And for the Queer community, your elucidations of Tantric Shaivism easily refute any blanket rejection of “religion” and authoritarian hierarchies therein.

That’s it, you see … an exquisite balance of delicious elements, very nutritious too.

Also, there is for me a subtly erotic and sensual tension in the writing …

I do hope that you will publish more. – K.S., Montreal

[You can buy the book from your local bookseller or online here]


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