I’m the co-founder of a registered charity, Sarvashubhamkara, a Sanskrit name meaning ‘he who does good to all’.  

For ease of pronunciation outside India, you’ll be relieved to know we use the abbreviated name  Sarva, meaning ‘all inclusive’.

With no political or religious affiliations, we seek out and undertake small-scale medical, educational and social welfare projects amongst the most underprivileged and disenfranchised people of the Indian subcontinent.  Many recipients of  Sarva‘s attentions are affected by the stigma of leprosy.

One of our primary principles is that not one penny donated is lost to salaries, administration or travel costs.

In the Shadow of Crows recounts how my journey across India in search of the truth of family legends and the journey of a woman afflicted by leprosy in search of sanctuary ultimately led to an unexpected friendship and the founding of Sarva.

If you’d like to learn more, you can buy a copy of book the here!


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